Your Sample Ballot

Please Early Vote between October 23rd and November 1, 2014. Election Day is November 4th

To find your Sample Ballot with your district specific list of candidates visit the North Carolina State Board of Elections site; and use the directions below:

Once the NC Public Voter Search page is pulled up:
1) Enter your legal first and last name 
2) Use the "County" menu to select "Buncombe"
3) Click search
4) The search will pull up name(s) at the bottom of your screen, find your name and click on it
5) This will pull up your past voting history and voting district information
6) Look for "Sample Ballot" heading, click the blue link next to "11/4/2014 General". It will be listed s G-001 through G-015 depending on your district.
7)That link will pull up a PDF version of your sample ballot that is able to be downloaded and/or printed. 
8) Once you have printed your ballot, go to to help you decide which candidates you want to vote for.  Take your marked ballot with you when you go to vote.



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