Precinct Officer Resources

Being a precinct officer is no easy task! On this page, you will find some resources to help you learn what tools and data are available to you to help you. You will also find some links to outside material that you may find helpful or interesting. 

Precinct Leadership Guide

Written by some wonderful BCDP volunteers, this guide formed the basis for our training program in 2016. Our new Training Committee is working on some updates and some new tools that will prove helpful going forward, but check out the 2016 training guide if you want a recap of the officer training held in early April.  


Buncombe County Democratic Party has grouped the county geographically into eleven different clusters to help coordinate efforts in different regions of the county. Often, clusters will share challenges or strengths, and can work together to help each other be more organized and effective.

Working as a cluster is a great way to multiply our efforts and have large, successful events. Helping organize a cluster event can attract even more participation from your community! If you aren't sure which cluster you're in, visit this link to find each precinct number and their assigned cluster.  


Effectively using data can have a huge impact on how your precinct operates. Using software called Votebuilder, the county party can help you find out more information about who lives in your precinct, who typically votes in your precinct, and lots of other information as well. We can help you learn who has registered to vote recently, or who has voted in every election for the last 40 years! Information like this can help you identify who to reach out to as you build up your precinct between now and the next election.

If you would like to get access to information like this about your precinct, email your request to our Votebuilder "super user," Jerry Dillashaw. If you're not sure what to ask for, just reach out for help and we'll guide you through the types of information we can help you with.

County Resources

Board of Election Resources

State Democratic Party Resources

  • State Party Plan of Organization - all the detailed rules governing the North Carolina Democratic Party
  • Slides from Precinct Chair Training Call - slides accompanied a state party webinar back in April


More training and resources will be coming soon!



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