The Buncombe County Democratic Party


To the WINNERS!!

We're so proud of all the candidates who made personal sacrifices and committed themselves to stand up for the citizens of Buncombe County and North Carolina.  You're amazing people and did a fantastic job!

Please join me in celebrating the following victories!

Terry Van Duyn - NC Senate District 49
Susan Fisher - NC House District 114
John Ager - NC House District 115
Brian Turner - NC House District 116
Todd Williams - District Attorney
Brownie Newman - Commissioner District 1
Ellen Frost - Commissioner District 2
Steve Cogburn - Clerk of Superior Court
Van Duncan - Sheriff
Ed Clontz - District Court Judge
Susan Dotson-Smith - District Court Judge
Julie Kepple - District Court Judge
Ward Scott - District Court Judge
Patricia Kaufmann Young - District Court Judge
William Hamilton - Soil & Water Dist. Spvr.
Max Queen - Board of Education, Enka District
Cindy McMahon - Board of Education, Reynolds Dist.
Robin Hudson - Supreme Court Assoc. Justice
Sam Ervin - Supreme Court Assoc. Justice
Lucy Inman - Court of Appeals Judge
Mark Davis - Court of Appeals Judge
(Cheri Beasley race is too close to call)


Thank you and congratulations to all the volunteers and campaign staff who made these victories possible.  Buncombe County has a great team!  

Kathy Sinclair, Chair

Democrats believe that we're greater together than we are on our own—that this country succeeds when everyone gets a fair shot, when everyone does their fair share, when everyone plays by the same rules. 

We invite you to join with us in supporting candidates who believe in the principle of “People First” to find solutions to problems that affect all the people of North Carolina.  Click on the Volunteer button and become an active member of Democratic Party. 


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